Maxx Wellbeing, where health, wellness and happiness are the top priorities, awaits you for an experience focused on peace and regeneration with a new approach to mind-body healing! Offering transformative and preventive approaches in order to help guests achieve and maintain their ideal state of health and reach their full physical, mental and spiritual potential, Maxx Wellbeing initiates a Healthy Life process just for you with personalized analysis and consultations. Just pop into Maxx Wellbeing to improve your quality of life, gain lifelong awareness and stay balanced in every sense!


All visitors who want to benefit from Maxx Wellbeing's Ayurveda Detox programs undergo a comprehensive assessment. With the InBody Test, your body weight and body composition are monitored using analytical analysis method. Your respiratory function test is done with Vivatmo-Pro. Thus, comprehensive and beneficial evaluations are achieved to determine your personal program.


The medical history and goals of the guests who are visiting Maxx Wellbeing for the first time are examined and a body analysis is performed. After delicately reviewing their eating habits and lifestyles, a thoroughly personalized program is created and a regeneration journey starts in the heart of the unparalleled nature of Maxx Royal with Wellness therapies, sports activities, workshops and delicious menus.


You will experience the comfort of purification with Ayurvedic detox packages. Special nutrition programs will improve your fitness by accelerating your metabolism. In addition to your program, you can also benefit from various care and massage options to unwind your body and enjoy workshops and therapies that will make you reach the balance mentally.


Refresh both your body and mind with unmatched massages applied by the expert therapists! At Maxx Wellbeing Spa, which features a wide menu ranging from herbal therapies, Ayurvedic treatments to special massages with soothing oils and local treatments, leave all your tiredness behind…

Body and Skin Care

If you think that the greatest luxury is to pamper your body, reward yourself with skin and body care treatments applied by professional teams.


One of the most efficient methods on local thinning and tightening, LPG is performed with a painless and indolent device. While this treatment accelerates your blood circulation, it also tightens your skin and gives it a healthy look.

VIP Section

With VIP comfort of Maxx Wellbeing Spa, luxury care treatments await you! Thanks to the skin and body care treatments, you will feel the relaxing effect not only on your body but also in your soul.

Recreation Areas

You will forget about the concept of time in the recreation area after you achieve a completely rejuvenated body with the unique massages and therapies at Maxx Wellbeing Spa.

Ayurveda Room

Physical balance, emotional comfort, environmental awareness… Both your body and your mind will gain vitality in Ayurveda Room where your cells will be renewed and your body will be free from the toxins as well as achieving a balanced lifestyle.

Ozon Sauna Room

The process, which is carried out by giving oxygen to the body through your skin in a warm cabin, is known as a kind of treatment for skin rejuvenation. By increasing the oxygen level in the blood, it accelerates the blood circulation, regulates the circulatory system and helps removing the toxins as well as providing benefits to all parts of the body thanks to its anti-cellulite and slimming effects.

Therapy Rooms

Exclusive therapies and care treatments, each prepared with Maxx Wellbeing’s special recipes using the countless healing elements of the nature, will juice up your vacation.

Turkish Bath

Enjoy purification and pleasure together! While your body will be cleansed of toxins by the action of warmth and the feeling of refreshment, your blood circulation will start to speed up and you’ll feel relieved when you get rid of the dead tissues thanks to the scrubbing methods applied by the professional hands at this authentic atmosphere.

Steam Room

Refresh your skin with steam bath! You will relieve your stress and tiredness and achieve a silky skin thanks to the steam bath which will make your hard and tense muscles relax.


How about doubling your holiday joy by relieving your stress, tiredness and tension in the sauna of Maxx Wellbeing Spa? While enjoying the sauna, you’ll feel that your nervous system is relaxed and your body is rejuvenated.

Indoor Pool

We invite those who want to enjoy swimming in all four seasons to the indoor pool of Maxx Wellbeing. Get ready to meet the energy of the water in all seasons in the pool thanks to its heated water during midseason.

Vitamin Juice Bar

Vegetable detox mixtures, freshly squeezed fruit juices, herbal or fruit juices… Healthy beverages to make your body full of happiness before or after massages and therapies applied by the professional hands at Maxx Wellbeing are at Vitamin JUICE Bar!

Maxx Wellbeing Restaurant & Bar

organic gluten free lactose free seasonal
Experience that nourishment is crucial for your rejuvenation process. You can spice up your vacation with menus consisting of organic, gluten-free, vegan, lactose-free, seasonal and fresh ingredients. The shots, food supplements, herbal teas and the plates prepared specially just for you considering the calorific values by the Maxx Wellbeing chefs and bartenders with great care and attention to preserve the nutritional values do not contain refined sweeteners and oils, synthetic colorants and preservatives. Meet the exclusive menu of natural beverages at Vitamin Bar and in the kitchen which serves with the Ayurveda philosophy.


Visit Maxx Wellbeing, where fitness trainers prepare personalized sports calendars for you to get the best results and best look and enjoy returning from your vacation with a fit body.


Enjoy keeping fit also on vacation with the personalized sports calendar prepared by the expert fitness trainers! Get ready to have a fitter body with the programs that will suit you best; from yoga, cycling, fitness to pool sports activities, reformer, from pilates, nature walks to fun zumba sessions.


An exercising method applied to bring flexibility to the body and have a healthy form, pilates strengthens your muscles and improves your stamina. Pilates, which features movements that relieve your stress and calm your soul, have also positive effects on mental health and motivation of the individual.


Those who prefer exercising as a group come together at Maxx Wellbeing Studio where they can enjoy exercising programs accompanied by the professional trainers.


Closely related to the yoga philosophy, Pranayama Breathing Techniques aim to control our breathing and thus our lives. Thanks to the Pranayama Breathing Therapy, you can reduce the symptoms of depression, stress, insomnia and anxiety, keep your nervous system balanced and even boost your metabolism. Each breath you take with awareness is the most important step that will bring you to the balance in your body, mind and emotional state…


You can improve your wellness both physically and mentally with yoga and leave the daily stress behind. A type of exercise which focuses on breathing, yoga will reduce your stress level and strengthen your muscles. Guests with sleep disorders can have sleep-enhancing experiences with Yoga Nidra & Sleeping Therapy with Singing Bowls.


Vedanta Mantra Meditation, which improves your focus and increases your self-confidence, is a Chakra therapy that allows you to discover your body's energy centres and signals... Achieve a rhythm in harmony with universe and flow of energy thanks to the meditation techniques that support your mental, spiritual and physical health. Meditation, which means ‘deep thinking’, has many positive effects like balancing emotional consistency, reducing anxiety and even increasing the creativity.


Leave your inner world free in mandala workshop and surrender yourself only to colours, shapes and visual beauties at the mandala workshop. An amazing workshop awaits you where you will have lovely chats on the doctrine of ‘’impermanence’’ and essence of universe that is ‘’change’’.


Awaken your spiritual energy, increase your awareness and take a step towards transcending your ego! With Kundalini awakening, where you will experience many methods like singing, moving and breathing exercises, you will witness that you’re healing spiritually. As the Kundalini energy rises, your chakras will be balanced, your sense of self will increase and you will feel free from stress and anxiety.