Caja by Maxx Royal
Exclusive holiday homes at Hebil Bay, Bodrum peninsula, designed for extended stays and available for sale

Maldives (Coming Soon)

Belek Golf resort



Take a culinary trip around the world as the top-notch restaurants present international menus with diverse flavours.

Maxx Wellbeing

Let yourself be rejuvenated down to every cell with the massages, therapies, and wellness practices of Maxx Wellbeing.

Kids and Teens

From thrilling water slides to the beach and pools with diverse themes, discover the most delightful ways to connect with water. Enjoyment knows no age with countless game activities for everyone.


You are an integral part of Maxx Royal's sustainability initiatives.


Utilize our bicycle-friendly amenities to explore the surroundings on a bike and contribute to recycling through our waste separation areas. Engaging in the sustainable living experience will leave you with a positive and fulfilling feeling. 


Dive into an exhilarating day with activities such as parasailing, water skiing, surfing, or canoeing. Sports enthusiasts can partake in thrilling matches on the football field, tennis courts, and a world-class golf course. Select your cocktail as the sun sets and relish music and live performances, whether on the beach or in a sophisticated venue.


As the day concludes, the memories of experiences you'd want to live again will linger in your thoughts. Yet, there will be a plethora of choices for you to explore different things the following day.

Fast Track & CIP Lounge

A Comfortable Journey

All Maxx Royal guests can take their international return flights without waiting in line with Fast Track service. Guests staying 4 nights or more in our Villa and King Suite rooms are welcomed at Antalya Airport CIP Terminal for all flights.

Maxx Helicopter

Exclusivity in the Skies

Guests staying in the Presidential Villa for 7 nights or more are offered the privilege of helicopter transfer.

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