Caja by Maxx Royal
Exclusive holiday homes at Hebil Bay, Bodrum peninsula, designed for extended stays and available for sale

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Data and Legal Notes of Visitors Suppliers Collaborators


Dear Visitor, Our company, as the data controller under law no. 6698, has obtained an official document in exchange for the visitor card provided to you during your visit to our property. The purpose of obtaining this document is to ensure the safety of both our company and you, and to provide you with a secure service. Your personal data is only used for the purposes listed and processed based on the legitimate interest of the data controller, as regulated in Article 5/2 (f) of the KVKK (Law on Personal Data Protection). It is our policy to not share your collected personal data with any third party or institution. However, it may be shared if there are demands from legally authorized public institutions and organizations to fulfill the legal obligations set forth in article 5/2(ç) of the law. The information collected will be destroyed within a maximum of two years after the purpose of collection has been fulfilled.