Processing of the data for business relations
Personal data of the employees may be processed without obtaining consent to the extent of requirements of health insurance and business relations. However, “Voyag Turizm, MRA Turizm” hereby undertakes the protection and confidentiality of the data of the employees.

Data are obtained from for job applications and candidate procurement and management of human resources and these data are registered in the system within the scope of candidate assessment process.

Processing as per Legal Obligations
“Voyag Turizm, MRA Turizm ” may also processes the personal data of the employees without obtaining a separate consent to fulfill a legal obligation stipulated in the legislation or in case it’s explicitly specified in the legislation. This case is limited to the obligations arising from the Law.

Processing special categories of personal data
Since we are in direct contact and interaction with our guests, our company is obliged to process the information of our employees about Covid-19 in order to protect public health. For this reason, employee data on the Covid-19 disease, vaccination ID card information (including vaccination dates or non-vaccination info) will be kept in the personnel files during the pandemic and for 5 years after the pandemic.
Pursuant to the Law, race, ethnic origin, political opinion, philosophical belief, religion, sect or other beliefs, clothes, membership of association, foundation or union, health, sexual choice, juridical sentence and data regarding safety measures and biometric and genetic data are among the special quality data. Besides the consent of the relevant person, “Voyag Turizm, MRA Turizm” also takes adequate measures determined by the Board for the processing of special quality data. Special quality data may be processed limited to and related to the cases permitted by the Law without the consent of the person. The quality data obtained from the employees shall only be used for the corresponding purpose to allow them to benefit from the insurance and health services.

Data processed with automatic systems
The data processed regarding the employees with automatic systems may be used for in-house promotions and performance assessments. The employees reserve the right to appeal to the results against them and they should perform this process in compliance with the internal procedures. Appeals of the employees shall be evaluated again within the company.

Telecommunication and internet
The computers, telephone, e-mail and other applications allocated to the employees within the company shall only be used for business purposes. The employee cannot use any of these means allocated to himself/herself by the company for private purposes or communication. The company may continue to control and monitor the data on these means for a maximum of 1 year even after the employee leaves the company to ensure the sustainability of intercompany relations, contracts and commercial communications. The employee undertakes not to keep any data or information apart from the business purposes on the computer, telephones or other means allocated to himself/herself as of his/her employment date.

It’s the user’s responsibility to be careful when using mobile devices (mobile phone, portable computer, tablet etc.) at open public spaces, in meeting rooms and other unprotected areas. Mobile devices should be also protected physically against theft in places like automobiles and other transportation vehicles, hotel rooms, conference centres and meeting rooms. You should immediately inform Information Technologies Department in case of theft or loss of any mobile device.


Personal data may be shared with business and solution partners and “ETS” subsidiaries for the purpose of providing the services by “Voyag Turizm ve MRA Turizm ”. “Voyag Turizm, MRA Turizm” will be entitled to transfer the personal data for certain purposes to the following person and institutions; » Business partners of “Voyag Turizm, MRA Turizm” limited to the purpose of execution of the aims of the establishment of the business partnership, » The suppliers of “Voyag Turizm, MRA Turizm” to the extent of providing the necessary services by our company to fulfill its commercial activities and procured by the supplier as external sources, » Solution partners of “Voyag Turizm, MRA Turizm” limited to ensuring the execution of the commercial activities which require the participation of the affiliates of the company, » Subsidiaries of “ETS”. “Voyag Turizm, MRA Turizm ” is authorized to transfer the personal data domestically and internationally within the conditions determined by the Board and in compliance with the other provisions in the Law and depending on the consent of the person.


The data of the employees and other persons within “Voyag Turizm and MRA Turizm” are confidential. Nobody can use, copy, reproduce, transfer these data for other purposes apart from the business purposes.


All necessary technical and administrative measures are taken to protect the personal data received by “Voyag Turizm and MRA Turizm ” and to prevent the retention of them by unauthorized persons and to prevent the damage on our customers and potential customers. Within this framework, it’s ensured that the software complies with the standards, third parties are selected with care and data protection policy is followed within the company.


“Voyag Turizm and MRA Turizm ” reserves the right to make changes on the declarations here. In case of any significant change in the declaration, a link will be attached on the homepage of the website to access the up-to-date declaration. Guests registered for any of our products or services may be informed regarding this issue through the communication channel he/she has provided to the properties. When the last time this declaration was updated and update number are given at the end of this text. Each change made on the declaration becomes effective upon the publication of the changed declaration on the website. By using the website or any of our products and services following such changes, you accept the changed declaration that is effective at that time.
Policy Update: 23 February 2022 Rev.1.7