In our hotels, necessary measures are being taken in consideration of national and international protocols and information, particularly guidelines and decisions by the World Health Organization and the Science Committee of the Turkish Ministry of Health. ‘’Safe Tourism Certification Program’’ requirements determined by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism are being met with the utmost care.

‘’A Covid-19 Management Team’’ has been established in our facilities under the supervision of the Hotel’s general managers. This team closely follows the instructions and publications of the Turkish Ministry of Health and other relevant government authorities and is responsible for developing, implementing and monitoring hygiene and health processes throughout the Hotel.

“Covid-19 Disinfection Teams” have been established responsible for the cleaning and disinfection of the common spaces of our facilities properly. Cleaning and disinfection records are kept delicately and efficiency analyses are performed through accredited laboratory tests. 

In case any illness is suspected in our hotels, there are necessary doctor examination and isolation room facilities that will ensure the process to be managed safely. At this stage, authorized institutions will be notified by taking necessary emergency actions under the guidance of our Hotel medical teams in coordination with the Covid-19 Management Team.


Measuring and monitoring processes are carried out with contactless thermometers located at different points at the property as per legal requirements.

After your luggages are accepted by our trained team, they are disinfected using disinfection chemicals and ULV methods approved by the Turkish Ministry of Commerce and the Turkish Ministry of Health and then labelled and safely delivered to your room. 

Your Maxx Assistant, who will assist you during your holiday, welcomes you and informs you about the practices and measures at the property. 


As per Maxx Royal Resorts standards, check-in procedures are organized by your Maxx Assistant while you are relaxing in our lobby bar.

At this stage, your Covid-19 history and credentials are recorded. Your disinfected and packaged accommodation cards are delivered to you. 

Besides, you can also fill out ‘’Accommodation Pre-Registration Form’’ online before your arrival to our hotel to speed up your check-in procedures and minimize the contact due to Covid-19 Pandemic. 

After the registration procedure has been completed, your room card, which is disinfected exclusively for you and put inside protected cases, is delivered to you.


We have taken additional measures in the rooms where you will stay to prepare the healthiest and safest living spaces for you and your loved ones, and to ensure the same comfort and hygiene that you enjoy at home. 

Before you enter your room: 

  • The housekeeping team, who have received special training on the issue, use masks, gloves and apron during cleaning and disinfection while they are inside your room. All rooms are cleaned with disposable cloths.

  • Equipment and tools in the room that will likely be contacted with hands frequently are packaged after disinfection process and sealed with ‘’Sanitized’’ label.

  •  All textile products in your rooms are prepared for your use by being washed at appropriate temperatures.

  • When cleaning rooms, cleaning and disinfection chemicals approved by the Turkish Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Health are used and the rooms are ventilated during the cleaning process.

  •  After cleaning and disinfection processes are completed, the ambient air in the room is disinfected with ozone devices.  Efficiency analyses are performed through accredited laboratory tests. 

  • The cleaning of the ventilation system, air quality adjustments, air conditioning and filter replacements are also conducted by our expert team for all common spaces.
  • The room service team disinfects their hands before entering the guest rooms. Room service personnel take all personal protective measures (mask, gloves, bootie, hair restraints).

  • Food and beverages available in the room are cleaned with disinfectant wipes before being placed in the minibar.

  •  A hygiene kit has been added to the personal amenities sets available for your use.
  •  You can be sure that you’re the first to enter the room after all these processes thanks to the door seals with ‘’Sanitized’’ labels. 


We continue to display all presentations in our restaurants and bars in a healthy and hygienic manner. In addition:

The tables and chairs in the restaurant and bar units have been rearranged in accordance with social distance guidelines and their capacities of use have been redefined. Hand disinfection units and ready-to-use packaged masks are located at the entry points of the restaurants.  

Since the first day, we have minimized the risks posed by self-service style dining with our a la carte service. We continue to present our products in their freshest state per our up-to-the-minute service variety.

The products in our buffet displays and showcases are served by our professional teams to minimize potential contact and contamination risk.

You can also select menus for the food and beverage options offered in our restaurants through the Maxx Royal Resorts Mobile Application downloaded to your mobile phone or from QR code menus on the tables at our restaurants. 

Our attentive and trained serving team disinfects the tables and chairs after each use and takes protective measures when communicating with you. 

All forks, knives and spoons are served after they are disinfected and sealed with ‘’Sanitized’’ labels. 

All the storage, production and preparation areas behind our restaurants and bars are cleaned in accordance with cleaning and disinfection protocols and disinfected using the most appropriate and safe methods.

Over 500 employees, working in separate sections and exercising the utmost effort to ensure that each meal is a delicious and healthy experience, carefully use personal protective equipment. 

Our personnel produce and present meals in accordance with our routine training programs and international quality food safety norms/rules. 

Our internal audit team, consisting of food engineers, environmental engineers, occupational safety specialists, is routinely audited by the relevant government authorities and private accreditation agencies. 

Our water and food quality and disinfection efficiencies are consistently monitored by laboratory analyses.

Replicate samples, representing our daily productions, are taken and stored in suitable conditions for period of time stipulated legally. 


We have also implemented additional hygienic steps in our Wellness, SPA and gyms to ensure that you enjoy a fit and healthy holiday. As always, we take necessary measures for your health and comfort during this period.

Our Wellness, SPA and gyms provides service upon reservation. 

To take advantage of these areas safely, maximum usage capacities are designated. 

In the SPA areas, disposable soaps and shampoos, scrubbing pouches and slippers, as well as disinfected and packaged towels and wraps sealed with ‘’Sanitized’’ labels, are provided for your use. 

Sports activities are subject to reservation and social distance rules are followed during the activities. 

Sports equipment in the fitness centre are separated with transparent screens and they are disinfected before and after each use. 

Fitness and SPA areas are cleaned, disinfected and ventilated at the end of each use.

Towels used in our gyms are washed at suitable temperatures and packaged and sealed with ‘’Sanitized’’ labels.


Our entertainment and activity programs have been meticulously planned for your enjoyment and safety.

Maximum usage capacities are designated for you to safely enjoy our entertainment and activity options in outdoor and indoor spaces. 

Our staff will inform you of rules and protective measures to be followed for each activity. 


We are always ready to spend time with our little guests and to provide them special care services! The Maxxiland team has undergone all health screening and have received all necessary training, and they have prepared many safe games and activities for the little ones. 

In our mini clubs, we provided all the necessary precautions in line with the instructions of the relevant official institutions and health authorities.

Smiling Babies area for 1-3 age group and Adventurepark are subject to reservation. 

Special masks are available for our little guests at the entrance of mini club.


We cannot accept the adults who accompany the little guests to indoor spaces at Maxxiland for their safety during this period. 

Maximum usage capacities are designated in all outdoor and indoor spaces at Maxxiland for you to safely use these areas. 

Maxxiland activity rooms, toys, frequently contacted surfaces, ambient air are cleaned and disinfected with suitable equipment/chemicals/methods at certain intervals.


Disinfection efficiency is monitored through accredited laboratory tests.

Our teammates warn our little guests to wash their hands frequently.


Areas such as waiting room, sitting areas, game and activity rooms etc. are marked in accordance with social distance rules.


All forks, knives and spoons are served after they are disinfected and sealed with ‘’Sanitized’’ labels at Maxxiland restaurant.


Maintaining health measures at the highest level in our seas and pools, where you will enjoy the summer, is always one of our main priorities. 

All nationally and internationally recognised standards, primarily the “Regulation on Health Principles of Swimming Pool Maintenance”, are met in both common use and private villa pools.

Water quality values are measured regularly, followed, and recorded by a trained technical team. 

Pool water samples taken routinely are analysed in accredited laboratories. 

All our pools are routinely audited by our internal audit teams, the relevant government authorities and private accreditation agencies. 

Our pools are registered in the Ministry of Health system and our general hygiene conditions, analysis results and all other control records are followed by the District Directorates of Health.

Before using the pools, we recommend that you perform your personal cleaning and review our information on pool rules.

The distances between sunbeds and seating groups on the beach and poolside have been rearranged in accordance with social distance rules.

Sunbeds and seating groups are disinfected using disinfection chemicals and ULV methods approved by the Turkish Ministry of Commerce and the Turkish Ministry of Health

Towels are washed at suitable temperatures and packaged and sealed with ‘’Sanitized’’ labels.


The health and safety of our teammates is as important as that of our valuable guests. 

Medical screenings of all our employees is performed periodically and monitored.

As well, the Covid-19 histories, tests, and treatment processes of all our employees are followed up periodically within the control systems provided by the Ministry of Health. In case of possible risk, the related employee is directed to the health institution and is required to rest until the risk is no longer present.

The temperatures all of our employees, suppliers and service providers and visitors are measured with a thermal camera and/or contactless thermometers at their entry-exit of the property and recorded.

Social distance rules are applied for all our employees in all work areas (staff dining hall, service, dressing room, rest areas etc.). 

With ‘’our awareness and expert team’’ understanding, all our employees can access many continuously-updated training contents which will increase their awareness levels from our online platforms, primarily Basic Hygiene Training and Covid-19 trainings. 


In all common areas where you spend time outside your room, the locations and surfaces that are frequently touched are subjected to cleaning and disinfection processes by our specially trained teams during certain periods. 

We recommend that you exercise care when touching surfaces in common areas, and that you wash and disinfect your hands after any contact.

You will see markings and directions placed in many locations throughout the facility to maintain social distance guidelines. Please keep your social distance by regarding these markings and directions.

We recommend that you use masks and gloves where necessary; avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. 

We recommend that you comply with the “maximum capacity” guidelines designated in Hotel areas.

There are ready-to-use alcohol swabs, disinfectants and masks at many points at the property.

We kindly ask that you observe all written or visual warnings and comply with the guidance of the attendants to make your stay safer.

We recommend that you always keep your social distance, wear a mask and prefer digital communication when communication with other hotel guests and employees, apart from your family members and relatives. 

Please keep in mind that, at this time, we must let go of our habits of embracing, hugging and shaking hands; covering your mouth with a clean tissue while coughing or sneezing is essential – if you do not have a tissue or handkerchief, please sneeze or cough inside your elbow.

We kindly request that you dispose of your masks and gloves in special waste bins, indicated in grey, after each use.

Please do not leave your room if you suspect that you or your companions exhibit any symptoms of the virus. Please contact your Maxx Assistant immediately and seek medical assistance.

We recommend that you pay attention to ensure that your children also comply with these guidelines.

We use ozone, ULV, liquid disinfectant, UV lamp and hepa-filter technologies at our property to improve ambient/equipment disinfection and air quality.

In accordance with the instructions of the national and international authorities or the developments regarding the process, there might be changes in the measurements taken.

The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic and practices, preventions, measures and rules taken within this scope constitute force majeure. For this reason, the services and some areas of the hotel within the concept may be limited or closed during your stay. Some services may not be available partially or completely and/or may be offered with special restrictions. Failure to comply with the rules stated here and force majeure may terminate your stay before it expires. 

We kindly inform you that the Hotel is not responsible for these and similar consequences of the measures taken.

To follow the changes made and the updates, please visit our website.