Offering a holiday experience beyond stars, with its approach of a flawless service quality since the day it opened its doors to guests, Maxx Royal Hotels continues to grow stronger with its responsible professional employees, who see themselves as part of a large team. If you have success in your mind and outstanding qualities to offer, then we would like you to become a part of this large family!


  • We create and enforce policies, which lead to honest and transparent relationships based on respect and trust.

  • We choose and develop individuals, who comply with the culture and goals of our institution, for our dynamic and professional team.

  • As a group investing in and valuing people, we create and manage systems for health and safety at work, which can be monitored and improved constantly.

  • We provide training, which serves the goals of our company and measure its effectiveness.


    Here, we behave in ways that are respectful of each other’s rights and opinions. We know that we are part of one entity, and we do not discriminate based on gender, language, religion or race.

    To treat all our staff equally, regardless of sexual orientation, age, gender, ethnicity, religion or disability is our main responsibility. In this way we learn, become stronger, and find ways to develop economically, personally and professionally – together. Our sense of belonging is a reflection of our team and of our loyalty to our job.

    As such:

    • We adopt an open, transparent and fair common management perspective in which all staff participate.

    • We offer an equal, standard and secure work environment.

    • We allow problems to be raised and resolved.

    • We offer continued professional development and career planning opportunities.

    • We offer a work and pay policy that is fair, and that meets legislative regulations and determined standards.

    • We listen to our staff, and apply a communication model where ideas may be freely expressed and dialogues can develop.

    • We ensure that our staff feel secure, and we keep their personal details safe.

    • We prioritise the right to obtain information about the workplace, self-development and education.

    • We ensure that all staff have access to awards and social and other benefits.


  • An innovative and dynamic sector

  • A competitive and assertive environment

  • To work with the best in their field

  • A management approach that respects ethic principles

  • Opportunities for personal development

  • The common features that we are looking for in Maxx Royal’s new team members are personality traits compatible with our corporate culture and values as well as the training, experience, and competence required by the position. All applications made will be evaluated following equal opportunities and in line with our privacy policy.

    In order to improve our service quality and guest satisfaction, your personal details are stored in the common info pool of the ("Voyag Tourism & MRA Tourism") company.
    For more information about the subject and your rights please visit this website:


    Heart of Maxx Royalty / Models of Behaviours


    That’s why we promise to each other and our guests! Here;

    • Here; we always aim to please all our guests with lovely surprises.

    • Here; we respect and care all our guests and each other.

    • Here; we always make our guests feel at home.

    • Here; we identify the needs of our guests before them.

    • Here; we remember proudly that we’re the part of a crowded family.

    • Here; we always smile and use correct communication methods.

    • Here; we recognize our guests well and call them by their names.

    • Here; we share all information for the customer satisfaction.

    • Here; we feel that we’re privileged and make always our guests feel privileged.

    • Here; we act according to the law, national and international terms.

    • Here; we only provide reliable foods.

    • Here; we protect the environment, avoid pollution and aim to reduce the negative impacts against environment.

    • Here; we create a reliable and healthy business ambiance.

    • Here; we act respectfully to the rights and remarks of each other and know that we form a whole without making distinction of gender, language, religion and race.

    • Here; we learn together, develop together, gain strength together and grow together!

    • Children are our future. Our primary responsibility is to recognize them as individuals, respect their rights and pay regard against any kind of psychologic, physical and commercial exploitation.

    • We recognize well our geography and local public, respect our historical values and traditions and try to contribute on the economic, social and cultural development.


    • Produce always positive solutions...

    • Make always our guests feel special...

    • Present a reliable, peaceful and comfortable ambiance for our guests...

    • Adopt any request and problem of our guests as our own responsibility and produce solution...

    • Make their holiday at Maxx Royal unique by providing delicate service!


    • Support each other under all circumstances and embrace also each other…

    • Help each other to please our guests…

    • Be always positive and tolerant of each other…

    • Be honest, sensitive and respectful to each other…

    • Protect and embrace the work environment…

    • Be always open to learning new things and improving ourselves…