Cobra Kingdom


Entertainment for all ages: Cobra Kingdom

    With various fun water slides, Cobra Kingdom is the indispensable choice of adults and kids for daylong enjoyment.


    Located on a large area, with its custom design, sound and light effects, different technological infrastructure, Cobra Kingdom invites kids of all ages to enjoy an unforgettable experience!


    • KING COBRA : The slide with the most powerful visual impact, the King Cobra, along with its custom design and unique sliding trails invite you to an exciting journey!

    • SPACE HOLE : Designed for maximum fun, you will experience three different levels of excitement with the Space Hole.

    • BLACK HOLE : The natural effects reflected in this enclosed and dark slide providing an unbelievable sliding experience of a special kind are in wonderful visual harmony with the water inside and sliders at very high speed.

    • RAFTING SLIDE : Slides like the Rafting Slide and Space Hole are designed for those who are not too keen on enclosed spaces.

    • TWISTER : This tunnel-shaped Twister, the slide for fun and high adrenaline lovers, will change your perception of dimensions with cross-passages!

    • FREEFALL : Be prepared to experience the most exciting fall of your life with maximum safety on Freefall!

    • FLYING BOATS : Sliding down the chute on boats, taking a kamikaze fall you will feel the safety and thrill of the boat while experiencing the impact of the kamikaze waves on the Flying Boats...

    • BODY SLIDE : With different speed levels of the classic twisty slide, the Body Slide is a great option for large groups with its cheerful design and the capacity to carry 180 people per hour...

    • TURBOLANCE : Designed for speed and adrenaline lovers, the Turbolance used simultaneously with the Black Hole and Flying Boats will force the boundaries of entertainment!

    ***Cobra Kingdom doesn't provided service from 01.November 'till 31.March.2015


Cobra Kingdom Aqua park
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